(Updated on 10/29/05)

931 Monroe Drive NE, Suite C101
Atlanta, GA 30308-1778

Tables: 1
Type: Dynamo Photon (new one installed on 6/1/01)
Cost: $0.50

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Notes: Probably the best place to play in Atlanta, if you're looking to meet other players. This is a bar, so no kiddies. Up until recently, the table here was a really trashed, ragged-out brown-top, with those cheap, hollow plastic mallets. However, this poor excuse of a table was recently replaced with a brand-new Photon (yes!).
'House Rules' are usually in effect, if regulars are playing. The Winner of a game keeps the table. To play the Winner, the Challenger pays for the $0.50 game, to begin the next match. If the table is occupied with a game, you may signal your desire to play the Winner of the current game by placing 2 quarters on the table's edge, near the coin-feed. On busy nights, there may be many players and spectators. You may find multiple stacks of quarters on the edge, from people waiting to test the current table-holder's mettle. Anyone can challenge - it does not matter if you know the player{s}, or not. Drop your quarters down, and you're in. The key here is, if you can take the table, you can play for free as long as you can keep the table. Depending on the skills of the players, you may have to spend more than $0.50 to take the table.

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