(Updated on 07/12/09)

General / Non-Regional -
THE Air Hockey information site, with up-to-date rankings, rules, links, and more.

USAA (Inter)National Air Hockey E-Mail Mailing List -
This is basically a Mailing List, although the Yahoo! Groups forum provides additional functionality, like Message Searching, Polls, Photos, Chatting, and more. To tie into the Mailing List, you will need to do an initial sign-up on this forum.

AHN - Air Hockey News -
Professional Air Hockey news history for national and state tournaments, events, player profiles, and rankings. This site is no longer maintained, and does not carry current information.

California (USA)

CAHA - California Air Hockey Association -
Covers the state of California. Note: this is basically an E-Mail Mailing List for CAHA. The Yahoo! Group Forum provides additional functionality. Warning: the reading of messages is restricted to members only, and the Group has strict membership requirements. You will be refused membership if you do not physically live in the state of California.

Air-Hockey Today, California Style -
Covers the Silicon Valley / Bay area.

Florida (USA)

FAHA - Florida Air Hockey Association -
Covers the state of Florida.

Illinois (USA)

ISAA - Illinois State Airhockey Association -
Covers the state of Illinois.

Massachusetts (USA)

BAH - Boston Air Hockey -
Coverage for the city of Boston.

Michigan (USA)

MAHA - Michigan Air Hockey Association -
Covers the state of Michigan.

Pennsylvania (USA)

Philadelphia Air Hockey -
Coverage for the city of Philadelphia. Note: this is basically an E-Mail Mailing List for Philadelphia. The Yahoo! Group Forum provides additional functionality.

Texas (USA)

Texas Air Hockey -
Covers the state of Texas. Organizer of Weekly Tournaments and Leagues (in Houston).

Coverage for the city of Dallas and surrounding areas.

Houston Air Hockey -
Coverage for the city of Houston. Note: this is basically an E-Mail Mailing List for Houston. The Yahoo! Group Forum provides additional functionality.

The Stuff -
Coverage for the city of Austin - by the Austin Air Hockey Association.

The Netherlands

Air Hockey Holland -
A message forum that supports Air Hockey play in the Netherlands. Topics include tournaments, game rules, meeting points, and general Air Hockey discussion. Language: Dutch.


Trondheim Mighty Pucks -
Coverage for the city of Trondheim. Language: Norwegian.


AirHockey Catalunya -
Coverage for the eastern coastal region of Catalunya (Catalonia), including Barcelona.

FEJA - Federacion Espaņola de Jugadores de Hockey de Aire (Spanish Federation of Air-Hockey Players) - (no web site)
Coverage for the city of La Coruņa. Contact Pedro Otero via e-mail at

Manufacturers / Distributors / Vendors

Dynamo -
Manufacturer of what is considered to be the "premiere" Air Hockey table (also the only "currently-made" table sanctioned by the USAA).

Great American Recreation -
Manufacturer of tables that are perhaps a close second to the Dynamo.

Imagination Leisure -
Manufacturer of tables that ... may come in third? These tables are a little different, but look closer to a Dynamo than those goofy ICE tables. Too bad their website was designed by a 3rd-grader. D'oH!

Sole Distributor of some rather "different" tables (actually manufactured by Billares Sam, S.A., in Spain). They have stainless-steel tops, with a "rebound-guard-rail" to keep the puck on the table. Whacky non-standard mallets, too. Plays ... like crap. What a dog-doo table.

Brunswick Billiards -
Former Manufacturer of full-sized commercial Air Hockey tables (the only other table besides the Dynamo that is sanctioned by the USAA). Brunswick stopped making these in 1978, and now only puts out small, dinky, plastic tables for the family rec-room. They hold the "Air Hockey®" registered trademark, too.

Greater Southern -
Georgia Distributor of Dynamo Air Hockey tables, based in Atlanta.

Cornerstone Billiards -
Georgia Distributor of various types of Air Hockey tables, based in Buford (2 miles from the Mall of Georgia).

Peach State Distributing Company -
Georgia Distributor based in Forest Park (Atlanta suburb). It appears they only carry pucks and mallets, although they have a Trading Message Area.

Thompson Sporting Goods -
Out of Kingsland (6 hours south of Atlanta), Thompson Sporting Goods sells darn near everything ... pucks, various high and low-top mallets, tables, covers, and other accessories. Will ship anywhere.


Adveractive Air Hockey -
Playable on their website, and written in Shockwave. Savable with Shockwave Remote. Table actually looks like an old Brunswick. Multiple computer opponents with varying skill levels. This is one of the better online A.H. games.

Buggy Bop Jungle Air Hockey -
Created by the same folks who made the game above, it's Air Hockey with a twist. A jungle theme has been added, with several different opponents (with different skill levels) to choose from. Not bad, considering!

Hockey Night @ -
Playable on their website, and written in Shockwave. Looks nice, though your opponent doesn't have much A.I., and the Baseball field music is annoying. Has a running High Score list of people that register before playing.

South Park Ultra Air Hockey -
Heheheh ... South Park meets Air Hockey. Downloadable game for Windows PC's. Doesn't play very good Air Hockey - control is chunky and sluggish. Mainly for South Park amusement. Beat the game and receive a couple of "special" fun levels.

Air Hockey / Macintosh -
A public beta, version 0.0a3. Downloadable game for any Power Macintosh or clone. As I do not have a Mac, I am unable to review this, but to quote the author, "No fancy graphics (yet) or sound, just a tough computer to challenge you."


Robotic Air Hockey -
Robotic Air Hockey - yeah, you read it right. This is an article in the ECE Alumni News (put out by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois), regarding one of their in-house research projects. Cool.