(Updated on 07/14/08)

This section will assist players in finding others in their area for some table action. Listings are grouped by city.

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Note: The method of contact can be pretty much whatever you would like to have listed. Examples: telephone number, e-mail address, ICQ number, Yahoo Messenger ID, cellular number, pager number, or a mixture of the above.

John Rufener Albany E-Mail:
Denang "Blade" Brown Atlanta (Fulton Co.) Mobile: 404-593-9525, E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: dabofessence
Richard Cook Atlanta (Fulton Co.) E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: voice_technology_guru
John Mitchell Atlanta (Fulton Co.) E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: georgia_airhockey
Ed Sherrouse Atlanta (Fulton Co.) E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: esherrouse , AIM: pwog1666
Ken Watson Atlanta (Fulton Co.) E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: onepotato
Gary Greene Atlanta (Dekalb Co.) Mobile: 404-213-5433, E-Mail:
Robert Johnson Conyers E-Mail:
Shane Brown Cumming E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: sbrown776
Jamey Cicalese Macon E-Mail:, AIM: Whoopee 95 (Note: also plays in Atlanta/Gwinnett Co.)
Timothy Crigger Smyrna Phone: 770-434-5804, E-Mail:
Erik Gengler Valdosta E-Mail:, Yahoo-Msgr: egengler27
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